Our Coffee

We grow only the high-quality Arabica coffee, no Robusta. There are many sub-types with their specific characteristics among the Arabicas. Our coffee is based on the varieties Typica and Bourbon. But each coffee is not least influenced by the altitude, the soil and the climate. All of these conditions are given at our farm.

Important for a successful product is the harvesting and processing method. The completion brings a successful roasting. Without roasting there can never be a good coffee.

You can see so many parallels to a good wine. Wine needs, just like coffee, great care and attention when you put high requirements on enjoyment. If we succeed, the experience is hardly to describe.





This is one of the oldest varieties, discovered in the legendary and eponymous region of the origin of coffee in Kaffa in Ethiopia. Out of this strain came the famous Blue Mountain coffee.

Even if the yield is low, the cupcharacteristics are still excellent. A distinct sweetness and a clear cup make the difference of this variety





Bourbon coffees are also a very old variety, which was brought originally from the French monks (from there the term French Mission) in the 18th century to the island of Bourbon in the Indian Ocean. The island is now known as Reunion. The yield is better than the yield at the Typica varieties. These coffees have a complex acid and a delicate balance. Bourbon varieties have changed over the centuries naturally by plantings outside of Réunion. Successors of the varieties Bourbon and Typica are famous varieties such as Kent, SL28 and SL34.

The SL28 with its copper-colored young leaves has the good characteristics of the Bourbon coffee with memories of Ethiopian coffee. Excellent taste, pleasant acidity and a reminder of black currant are characteristic qualities of this wonderful coffee. The SL34 with its bronze-colored young leaves tend to the ancestors of the Typica variety. These coffees have a pleasant acidity and a lovely decent sweetness.