Ngila Coffee Estate – 100 hectares with 150.000 coffee trees render 120 tons prime Arabica highland coffee every year: varieties Bourbon and Typica.


Our farmlands are located at 1500 -1600 meters above sea level, 4° south of Equator and near to the Conservation Area at the slopes of Ngorongoro crater in northern Tanzania (East Africa).



Ngila Coffe Estate was founded in the beginnig of the twenties centruy by a German settler. An adventurous untertaking, as you can imagine, but with success. The coffee farmer laif the foundation for the unique coffee that grows in this mineral-rich volcanic soil.The farm is situated in 1600m altitude on the edge of the cloud forest of the northern highlands, next to, the famous Ngorongoro Crater. In 1992 the farm was bought by the German family Meyer. Since then, new technology like modern drip irrigation and water saving coffee processing equipment was installed. With proven and experienced staff, Ngila Coffee Estate offers a highland coffee that meets the high standards of quality conscious coffee roaster and friends.

Wild animals from the Conservation Area roam requently within the farm.