Coffee Cultivation

Nursery – the Kindergarten:



Our responsible person in charge takes care of the new generation of coffee trees in the nursery.

After six months the youngsters are ready to be planted out in the fields.

Within the short rain periods between October and February, the trees will flower up to 6 times.

Constant care:

The trees need lots of sunlight

as well as pruning of older branches.

Harvest and Manufacture:


Processing high quality coffee starts by selected picking of the red cherries.


The right choice can be done only by hand.

Grading of the beans by the washing process after having soaked them over night in the fermentation tanks.

Again manual selection before the best coffee beans get to the drying beds.


Washed coffee beans are naturally sundried by turning the parchment


until having reached a relative humidity degree of 12%.

After weighing, the bags are sewed manually and stored adequatelly

A film about coffee cultivation on the NGILA Coffee Estate